Toronto's skyline at night looking south to Lake Ontario

Toronto Skyline at Night

Panoramic view of Toronto's skyline at night looking south to Lake Ontario

Waterfront lifestyle at its finest

Waterfront lifestyle at its finest

Imagine your own piece of paradise with the lifestyle to match on Kempenfelt Bay, Lake Simcoe

Barrie's Waterfront Community

Barrie's Waterfront Skyline

Panoramic view of Barrie's waterfront and condos

Toronto skyline looking east from King West

Toronto Skyline fron King West

Toronto skyline looking east from KIng West

Barrie's Waterfront Condos

Barrie's Waterfront Condos

The Grand Harbour, The Nautica and the Marina Bay condos viewed from Heritage Park.

Great tips to show off your house and sell faster


Curb appeal says a lot about the home owner and the property itself. Here are some tips to help show off your house to your advantage.

Clean up around the house, get rid debris, wood and landscape trimmings, Trim hedges, bushes and shrubbery. Keep flower beds weeded and attractive.

Replace old worn door mat, freshen up the doors and trims with a new coat of paint, and keep it clean. Replace broken hardware to aid ease of entry.

Add a welcoming touch of colour to your entranceway with fresh potted flowers. Keep them well watered and looking fresh. Make sure entranceway is well lit.

Keep all walkways and driveways clear of debris, snow and ice. Clean grease stains and repair damaged areas. Consider replacing walkway and driveway if in real disrepair.

Keep all garden furniture and structures clean and in good repair, remove old or broken items.

Clean gutters, roof and eaves. Keep moss, algae or plants from growing in or around them.

Keep your lawn in good health; trimmed and free of weeds. A well maintained yard creates a beautiful backdrop for your house.

Repair or replace any broken doors, windows, screens, shutters or awnings or facade cladding.

Clean the garage area of debris. Remove clutter and reorganize to make area look spacious. Try to use it only for car storage. Rent an off site storage facility if needed.

Repair or replace any broken or missing shingles. Consider replacing roof cladding material if too much damage.


Clean the entire home thoroughly, wash walls, windows, sills, screens, blinds or drapes. Clean light fixtures, cupboards and furniture.

Shampoo rugs and carpeting. Consider replacement of flooring if dated, worn or dirty.

Clean out storage areas, closets, cupboards and cabinets to create spaciousness.

Create spacious living spaces and good traffic flow by de-cluttering and rearranging furniture.

De-clutter walls by reducing the amount of photos, posters or wall art. Create a clean, uncluttered and spacious feel to the rooms. Patch any nail/screw holes or cracks and touch up with paint. Freshen up walls, trims and baseboards with neutral or pleasing colour co-ordinated paint scheme if they look tired and worn.

Keep bathrooms clean and tidy. Neatly hung, colour co-ordinated towels create an organized and spa like feel. Remove clutter from tub, shower and counters. Scrub tub, shower and toilet areas. Clean drainage areas of debris to maintain water flow.

Keep kitchen counters and sink clear of dirty dishes, crumbs and clutter. Create a feeling of ample counter space.

Make sure dishwasher is clean and free of dirty dishes. Sanitize with vinegar to remove odour and grime.

Clean stove, inside and out. Degrease if necessary to help the kitchen look and smell fresh.

Clean and degrease overhead exhaust unit and the areas around the unit and over stove.

Clean refrigerator inside and out. Deodorize with an open box of baking soda. Remove clutter off the exterior door.

Repair or consider replacement of any broken hardware, kitchen or bathroom taps or appliances.

Create a sense of welcome and aid showings by having house and room lights on. Keep drapes, blinds or shutters open to allow light in for a bright and airy look.

Place potted plants and flower arrangements in strategic areas like front hallway, dining or kitchen table to help freshen the air and add a welcome touch.

Consider using a home stager if you don’t have the time, energy or ideas to make your home show well.